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"The Urban Philosopher" 6×8 Daily Painting Old Man figure by Daniel Peci

6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas on panel It’s fascinating how direct sunlight reveals everything about us leaving very little hidden in the back alley of the subconscious, the source of life envelopes and animates multitude living forms at the

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Urban philosophy – Fine arts Figurative artwork painting

SOLD5″ x 7″ Oil on canvas panelThis painting is a reflection of today’s living, how each of us deals differently with the modern reality and how we handle and experience it in a different way, some of us avoid formulaic

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L.A. Times #2 – Daily Oil Painting Man Figure

SOLDAuction starts @ 7.30Pm Pacific

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SOLD My main goal in this painting was movement and light, I think the flow of traffic is a good subject for this particular idea since its constantly moving, the gas from the cars creates hazines around them and I

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Stairway/Alleyscape #2 – Available

If you are interested in this painting you can click on the link for Info.“Stairway/Alleyscape #2″ 5″x7” Oil on Canvas Panel Painting Urban Landscapes is a specific experience, not like painting usual landscape since you can feel the air and

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