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"Unbound" 5×7 Male figure seen from behind Urban landscape painting

5 x 7 inches Oil on canvas panelsold.Man is unbound, yet the limitations imposed on him are growing bigger, social conditioning and strict rules of movement in a world where the man stopped following the given guidelines and got lost

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"Sidewalk shadows" 5×7 LA Urban Plein Air Landscape painting

5 x 7 inch Oil on canvas panelclick here to bid.I did this small study on the hot sidewalks of West La, you would think that there won’t be much activity on Sunday but you’d be wrong, occasionally dog walkers

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"Sun spark" 5×7 Original painting with a female figure in profile

5 x 7 inches Oil on panel

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SOLD My main goal in this painting was movement and light, I think the flow of traffic is a good subject for this particular idea since its constantly moving, the gas from the cars creates hazines around them and I

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Stairway/Alleyscape #2 – Available

If you are interested in this painting you can click on the link for Info.“Stairway/Alleyscape #2″ 5″x7” Oil on Canvas Panel Painting Urban Landscapes is a specific experience, not like painting usual landscape since you can feel the air and

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