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Amber’s backside (standing female nude)

Did some more work on this five by seven, when I started it I ran out of ivory black, so it never got dark enough which is essential for a tonal painting like this, it came to the full value

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“Private call” 4×6 male portrait

Remember the times – “ages ago” when we still used a landline to make a phone call? Remember the times – when privacy was important to us? 4×6 inches oil on gessoed panel sold

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Reclining female nude painting from life

Painted from life in a single session under natural light, finished it as the sun was coming down. 5×7 inches oil on Ampersand panel view the auction

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Rachel reclining female nude 6×8 Oil on canvas

Classical pose done in close values under soft diffused daylight, in a case like this the flesh tones get close to the background tone so I’m really careful about the edges of each shape, a lot of times they can

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"Reflections" 6×8 female nude figure oil painting on canvas

6 x 8 inches oil on canvas

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