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"Sun spark" 5×7 Original painting with a female figure in profile

5 x 7 inches Oil on panel

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"Bestseller" 5×7 inch Female figure plein air Oil painting a day

5″ x 7″ Oil on canvas on panel How do you write the next bestseller? from so many great books written so far how do you come up with something fresh and original that has also the general mass appeal,

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"The Urban Philosopher" 6×8 Daily Painting Old Man figure by Daniel Peci

6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas on panel It’s fascinating how direct sunlight reveals everything about us leaving very little hidden in the back alley of the subconscious, the source of life envelopes and animates multitude living forms at the

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"Reverie" original figurative art female nude painting a day

Sold6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas panelThe idea behind this piece was to materialize the connection between the female and nature and see it in a more apparent form where the personal identity is dissolved in the vastness of the

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Small treasure – Oil on panel painting with a female figure

Sold6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas panelI was thinking how much are women dependent on their bags and purses where they carry all of their “small treasures” inside, on the other hand I guess it’s a good thing if you

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