“The paintings of Daniel Peci are underlining the value of the sensuous, intuitive and emotional experience of various moments of his world, moments of time wherein he lives as well as of his surroundings milieu. His pictorial work represents a specific written remark of his personal intimate preoccupations and considerations, connected to a particular world of subjective observation and inner vibrations of the emotional diagram. Following his creative intention Daniel with his works aims towards a synthetic manner of expression, systematizing thus his own inner urges as an outpouring into works that are taking us to a universe of lyrical impressions, quiet nostalgia, or on the other hand it is a universe of organized painted surfaces of subtle gradation, of contrasts of light and shadow or at a times accentuated expressive chromatic gestures that upkeep and connect the composition in general. He fills pedantically the negative space as an element of the picture, rendering the organic and the inorganic, with a pictorial language where the important aspect is the painterly inventory and the harmony concurrence of chromatic relations – pictorial polyvalence painted with a loose interpretation of fluid shapes that equally correspond in the integral arrangement.”

Excerpt from the Review of his Solo Exhibition at The Museum Of City Of Skopje, Dorea Andova, curator of the Museum