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Kylie’s back

I’m preparing soon for a trip and I’ll probably won’t be able to showcase my works online as I often do so I decided before I leave to make plenty of my works available for a limited time – the

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“Spring flowers” still life oil painting

Spring’s in full bloom and so is the abundance of beauty and color in California. 6×4 inches oil on canvas panel click to view the auction

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“Portrait of a young man looking down” oil painting

Second oil sketch from the same day, looks more like its been done with acrylics then oil because of the paper’s quick absorbing properties, also the values look lighter then actual, the painting will get the proper finished look once

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“Peeled orange” 6×6 still life oil on canvas

Color, light/dark and textures, this is the latest still life, I’m starting a new series of these kind of paintings, I’ll be using various objects that peek my interest, under different light conditions… 6×6 oil on canvas click here to

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Julianne female portrait oil painting on panel (revisited)

This one needed a little more work, sometimes it takes some time to revisit paintings that I’ve started so I can take a more objective look at them, more often subtle changes will yield results that are satisfactory to my

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