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“Japanese vase II” floral still life

6×6 inches oil on primed panel Second oriental themed still life, the 10 day auction for this painting will start tonight at 6 40pm Pacific time. click here to bid

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Summer colors 6×6 Still life painting with fruits

Study in color, I deliberately picked various kinds of fruit to compare each color, some of them are more reflective then others, the fig seems to absorb the light rather then reflect it, I kept the orange in the back

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Zen flower 6×6 Still life with a Japanese vase

Picked an oriental theme for this one, I think in my still lives I go for a calming and zen-like effect, I let the objects and colors do the talking instead of me, even the painting process goes smooth and

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"Roses" Original Art still life oil Gallery painting on canvas panel – Available

8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas on panelThis is the first time I’m painting roses, I find it a particularly challenging task because there are many subtle tonal and color changes within the flower which you have to notice that

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Floral Composition with a Silver Vase

Click here for Purchase Info “Floral Composition with a Silver Vase” 5″ x 7″ Oil on Canvas Panel,

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