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Summer colors 6×6 Still life painting with fruits

Study in color, I deliberately picked various kinds of fruit to compare each color, some of them are more reflective then others, the fig seems to absorb the light rather then reflect it, I kept the orange in the back

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"Bartlett pear" 2 x 3 inches Still Life oil/canvas

2.5 x 3.5 inch Oil on canvas panelsold.Ok, this probably is one of the smallest paintings I’ve done so far, I think I shouldn’t go any smaller then this because it probably won’t exist at all:)

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"Brass cup with a rose"

6 x 6 inch Oil on canvasHaven’t really painted a still life in a while so I decided to do one yesterday, I had this small antique cup that I used for the setup and I put the flower over

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New Gallery Representation

I’m now represented by Ellis Nicholson Gallery in Charleston, SC, here’s a few larger paintings that are now available through the Gallery, also I’m preparing new paintings for a solo show at the Gallery in October this year, so plenty

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"Red almost empty" 6×8 Paint tube Oil on paper painting still life

6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas paper Buy this painting on PayPalPrice: $80 USD plus $5 USD s/h Or, send me an email

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