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Blue bottle gardenia

 Lately I’ve been paying more attention to the selection of objects for a still life and especially their color and how they can compliment each other in the composition, I try to visualize it in my mind first before even

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White pumpkin

The concept behind this still life setup was a sort of “cleanliness” or state of purity so I applied a minimalist approach with this subject to get my idea across. 6 x 6 inches oil on gallery wrapped canvas sold

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"Second thoughts’" 6×8 Art female nude oil painting

6 x 8 inches Oil on canvas panel available

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"Brass cup with a rose"

6 x 6 inch Oil on canvasHaven’t really painted a still life in a while so I decided to do one yesterday, I had this small antique cup that I used for the setup and I put the flower over

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Japanese cup with hydrangea Art painting still life by artist

email me if you wanna purchase this painting6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas panel This still life composition was all about color and I was trying to capture all the color variables that drew my attention in the first place,

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