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Merry Christmas

In the vein of the Christmas season I decided to list a bunch of different sketches, drawings and small oil paintings for sale, they are all listed on a seven day auction with a Really low starting bid, I thought

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"Red shoes" 6×8 sitting female nude in a room oil painting a day

The body seated yet turning, unrest, thoughts passing through, static yet moving, confined into space, daylight travels across the room, introspective shadows reveal forms… 6 x 8 inches Oil on Canvassold

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"Nonchalant" 6×6 inches Female portrait girl oil on canvas

If you were following my postings on my other blog A drawing a day, you’ll notice that I did a preliminary drawing for this painting, now that doesn’t mean that I follow the outlines of the drawing to create the

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Oil paintings and drawings for sale

This is a selection of available works for sale, they range from 4×6 inches to 9×12, the auction prices vary depending on the size of course, some new drawings and also older paintings are available, be sure to check em

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"Carrie" Female profile 5×7 Alla prima oil portrait painting

5 x 7 inches Oil on Canvas panelFull profile here, I visualized this painting in my head first and where do I want the face to be exactly and decided further right, makes it more interesting instead of the usual

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