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The Seer – Art Old man Male portrait Gallery oil painting on canvas

Purchase info9″ x 12″ Oil on canvasI did this painting some time ago but recently I decided to do a few finishing touch ups (actually more then a few) so there’s some heavy and expressive brushwork on it now and

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The Philosopher

SOLD“The Philosopher” 6″x8″ Oil on Canvas Panel Auction for this painting starts @ 7.30Pm Pacific Time. Since I did a couple of preliminary drawings on the same subject I decided to do the Old Man’s face in oil, the work

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Quick Study of Rembrandt’s Head

SOLD“Quick Study of Rembrandt’s Head” 7″ x 5.5″ Oil on Primed Paper, I used to do more copies of the Old Masters when I was younger, Rembrandt particularly, so I decided to a quick one again after all this years.

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