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"Dreaming awake" male portrait oil painting on 6×8 panel

Sold6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas panel

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Carmine dress – Art painting with a female figure by Gallery Artist

Sold5″ x 7″ Oil on gessoed panelThe oil paint that I used for the dress was all alizarin crimson, but I think the title resonates better when you say Carmine…

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Candlelight dancer (female nude study) Art oil painting

SOLD5″ x 7″ Oil on canvas panelA female nude illuminated with warm lighting, I was going for that candlelight effect here following the motion of the figure.

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Quietude – Art female nude nudes gallery painting

SOLD5″ x 7″ Oil on gessoed panelI was aiming for a serene image here with the female nude and I kept all the values close to achieve a certain softness in this piece.

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Portrait of a man Art oil painting by Dan Peci artist

SOLD4″ x 6″ Oil on canvas on panel

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