Monthly Archives: November 2015

“Afternoon” 6×6 cityscape with female figure painting

Color and light of the day, changing each second, objects and subjects reflecting each other, energies spiraling up and down, movement of people bypassing one another without ever interacting. 6×6 inches oil on canvas click here to buy

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“Portrait of a young man looking down” oil painting

Second oil sketch from the same day, looks more like its been done with acrylics then oil because of the paper’s quick absorbing properties, also the values look lighter then actual, the painting will get the proper finished look once

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“Girl with a dragon tattoo” female nude oil painting

Painted this one last night on a prepared paper, it responds differently then the canvas and the oil dries quicker, forces me to do more deliberate brushstrokes that gonna stay permanently on the surface, less thinking is more action. 6×3

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