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11×14 oil on canvas Nude study from a few years back, painted in one session from life then some touches added afterwards, comes with the frame – or without, if interested in this piece message or email me at

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Alla prima of a frontal female nude torso. 5×7′ oil on Ampersand panel

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“Girl with a dragon tattoo” female nude oil painting

Painted this one last night on a prepared paper, it responds differently then the canvas and the oil dries quicker, forces me to do more deliberate brushstrokes that gonna stay permanently on the surface, less thinking is more action. 6×3

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“Amber” leaning female nude figure painting

Female nude leaning against the wall, the figure enveloped by warm light. 5×7 oil on canvas panel sold

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“Nude with umbrella” female figure plein air oil painting

This was ‘handled’ in an impressionistic manner, painted with bristle brushes for direct and decisive brushstrokes.There’s no lack of color under the open California sky so I used even some Cobalt blue that’s not always on my palette, utilizing a

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