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White rose, red mug, mango

Two quick still lives from the same day, both on primed paper. “White rose, mango, red mug” 6×9 inches oil on gessoed paper click to view the auction “Strawberry plate” 4×8 inches oil on gessoed paper click to view the

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Tangerines, pumpkin and tea cup

Working on setting up more dynamic/interesting still life setups + plus exploring color harmonies along the way, last night’s result will be up on seven day auction. 6×7′ oil on primed canvas paper, mounted on board view the auction

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"Day Lily" 9×12 Floral Still Life Oil painting on canvas

9″ x 12″ Oil on canvas I’ve set it this as a still life prop for one of my paintings classes that I teach, since I knew the flower’s not gonna last long I thought I should take advantage of

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"Arrangement in red, green and blue" Still life with apple, orange and flowers

18″ x 24″ oil on canvas I used an old painting primed with a layer of oil paint in this one, I was experimenting with that set background and trying to make use of it, I found out that you

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Ornamented Apple Still life Art paintings by California artist

4″ x 6″ Oil on canvas on panel The design pattern on the plate was particularly interesting to render in this piece, it creates a certain aura around the apple. purchase this painting.

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