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SOLD My main goal in this painting was movement and light, I think the flow of traffic is a good subject for this particular idea since its constantly moving, the gas from the cars creates hazines around them and I

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The Script

SOLD“The Script” 5″x7″ Oil on Canvas Panel

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Between The Lines

SOLD“Between The Lines” 5″ x 7″ Oil on Canvas on PanelAuction starts @ 8Pm Pacific Time.Ever wondered how everything around you just dissolves while you are reading a book and you are totally absorbed within the lines, since your whole

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Downhill Alley

“Downhill Alley” 5″ x 7″ Oil on Canvas Panel This is one the Alleyways that connect smaller streets to each other, they tend to have a spirit of their own since they are not overcrowded with people usually, also the

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Alleyscape #7

Click here for Purchase Information“Alleyscape #7″ 9″ x12” Oil on Canvas Sunlit Los Angeles Alleyway, the composition is focusing on perspective here and the dark and light play thats formed from the buildings.

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