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I was thinking for a while how to integrate my blog with my main site and what would be the best way to do it, with a lot of  (Google) research and technical support from experts I decided to move my blog A Painting a Day to my custom domain that uses WordPress now, I wanted to have a full control of all the content and media from one location, with an easy way to add and remove data quickly, if you were following my blog already you’ll notice that all the blog posts from my Daily paintings blog were already moved here and if you were subscribed to my feed you’ll continue to get all the updates without any change or interruption.

Another addition to this website is the Shop, where all the currently available works are displayed under categories, this way it is easier for me to showcase new or older drawings and paintings and the buyers to find what they’re looking for.

I wanted to make this website more user friendly and easier to navigate, I think a lot of artists in this tech era neglect this part so I wanted to utilize this platform for the optimal viewing experience,  enjoy your stay and I strongly encourage comments or critiques, they’re welcome!

Roses in white

Roses in white

12×12 inches Oil on canvas, comes Framed in a deep black frame, Available


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