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"Reclining female nude" 6×8 Original figurative art daily painting

6 x 8 inch Oil on linen on PanelI really like these Robert Simmons Signet brushes that I just started using, they’re great for applying heavier strokes of paint and they’re also very flexible, for the middle values and transitions

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"Amelia" Original female portrait 5×7 daily painting oil on panel

5 x 7 inch Oil on linen on Panelpurchase.

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"Antique door" 5×7 Fine art female nude oil daily painting

5 x 7 inch Oil on linen on PanelThis scene has a certain meditative quality about it, it creates a nice calming effect when observed, at least it does for me.sold.

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"Rose" 5×7 Art Original Female Portrait painting a day

5 x 7 inch Oil on Canvas PanelBlogger’s service was down for maintenance yesterday so I was unable to create the posting, apparently it came back to life this morning.sold.

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"Braids" 5×7 Original Art Female Nude daily painting

5 x 7 inch Oil on Canvas Panelsold.

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