eye study

“Eye study” female portrait (detail)

This is a repost of a previously posted painting that hasn’t been offered at an auction before. 4×6 oil on canvas paper sold

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“Amber” female nude back 5×7 painting

Another quick night nude of a female backside, this one will start at 50% less starting price then my usual auctions for this particular subject and size. Comes varnished with a coat of Damar for protection. 5×7 inches oil on

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Bodyscape 4×8 female torso

Alla prima study from last night, listed be on a 10 day auction starting at 0.01 as a bidding incentive for the summer season. 8×4 inches oil on canvas, (unstretched) sold

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“Cecilie” portrait of a young girl

6×4 inches oil on canvas panel click to view the auction

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“The Iceman” Chuck Liddell portrait

At one point I was doing more fighter drawings and paintings, occasionally I revisit this theme when I find images that are ‘striking’. The auction for this painting starts tonight at 6:39 Pacific time 6×4 inches oil on canvas panel

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