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Portrait of a young girl with a hat

Painted couple of months ago from life, the model was a first time sitter, she endured well the 2hr session by sitting still in the same position, often its not an easy thing to do when the model’s head is

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“Talia” seated female nude back painting from life

Painted from life in about 2 1/2 to 3hr session, it will be listed on a shorter then usual – 3 day auction. approximately 6 x 8 inches oil on Gallery wrapped canvas purchase

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“Summer nude” female figure en plein air painting

Here’s another oil sketch on paper, I prepared the surface with a thicker layer of imprimatura so it doesn’t absorb the oil so fast and delay the drying process, this is essential for alla prima painters like me as all

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“Julianne” Portrait of a young girl 5×7 oil painting a day

New beginning of a brand New Year, starting off with some fresh paint on the canvas, each painting is a new beginning anyways, creativity pushes the envelope with each new piece of art, its an ever changing ever evolving process.

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"Red shoes" 6×8 sitting female nude in a room oil painting a day

The body seated yet turning, unrest, thoughts passing through, static yet moving, confined into space, daylight travels across the room, introspective shadows reveal forms… 6 x 8 inches Oil on Canvassold

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