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“Against the wall” female nude backside

5×7′ oil on primed paper click to bid on the auction

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“In bed” female nude in an interior oil painting

Intimist piece, private space, female body illuminated in the night, slightly covering, no words, just images. 5×7 oil on canvas panel click here to view the auction

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Rachel reclining female nude 6×8 Oil on canvas

Classical pose done in close values under soft diffused daylight, in a case like this the flesh tones get close to the background tone so I’m really careful about the edges of each shape, a lot of times they can

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"Reflections" 6×8 female nude figure oil painting on canvas

6 x 8 inches oil on canvas

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"Grace" 5×7 Seated female nude Original artwork for sale

5 x 7 inches Oil on Canvas panelThe angle was the key here which placed the figure towards the right, it anticipates movement and shows the sensibility of the female form more, sometimes certain poses give more hints about emotions

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