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“Innocence” female nude figure painting

New 6×6 painting for the New 17, more ethereal and symbolic piece that’s open to interpretation – not everything should be explained by the artist, some things should be left to the viewer to decide. Also, more palette knife work

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“Nightdress” female nude figure painting a day

Figure in the night, moving through the shapes and shadows, the slow rhythm of the night descends upon us. 7×5 oil on canvas panel sold

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“Julia” portrait of a young girl

Small oil sketch painted from life in one session. 6×8 oil on primed panel click here to buy

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“Amber” leaning female nude figure painting

Female nude leaning against the wall, the figure enveloped by warm light. 5×7 oil on canvas panel sold

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“In bed” female nude in an interior oil painting

Intimist piece, private space, female body illuminated in the night, slightly covering, no words, just images. 5×7 oil on canvas panel click here to view the auction

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