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Coastal waves California seascape plein air oil painting

The advantage of living here in Southern California is the scenery + the weather: painter’s paradise, eyes get drawn instinctively to the vibrant colors of the coastline, different variations of blues dominate the ocean and the sky, my job as

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"Early morning" 4×6 Female nude figure original oil painting

Captured the moment of waking up and getting ready for the day ahead and the opportunities it brings. 4 x 6 inches Oil on primed panel click here to bid

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"Nonchalant" 6×6 inches Female portrait girl oil on canvas

If you were following my postings on my other blog A drawing a day, you’ll notice that I did a preliminary drawing for this painting, now that doesn’t mean that I follow the outlines of the drawing to create the

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"Sidewalk shadows" 5×7 LA Urban Plein Air Landscape painting

5 x 7 inch Oil on canvas panelclick here to bid.I did this small study on the hot sidewalks of West La, you would think that there won’t be much activity on Sunday but you’d be wrong, occasionally dog walkers

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"Antique door" 5×7 Fine art female nude oil daily painting

5 x 7 inch Oil on linen on PanelThis scene has a certain meditative quality about it, it creates a nice calming effect when observed, at least it does for me.sold.

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