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New Etsy Shop

I thought it might be a good idea to try Etsy as an outlet for my smaller works as its already been established as a global marketplace (who would’ve thought that a website named “Etsy” would get so big), their

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The Endless longing

For a place beyond the present one, for a level beyond this one – one’s spirit aims high and flies way above the trees to the endless sky. 4×6 inches oil on primed panel view the auction

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Japanese vase with yellow flowers and orange

I recently acquired this Japanese vase and added it to my collection of still life props, in this instance I used it in a combination with orange and I think it went well color-wise since it bonded all objects organically.

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Portrait of an African American man

New alla prima portrait. 5×7′ oil on primed paper click to bid on the auction

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“Sunlight” oil painting on aluminium cap

2.5×2.5′ oil on aluminium cap click here to bid

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