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11×14 oil on canvas Nude study from a few years back, painted in one session from life then some touches added afterwards, comes with the frame – or without, if interested in this piece message or email me at

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Portrait of a young man 5×7 oil painting

I tried a different panel for the latest daily painting, it’s a panel made by Ampersand, I triple primed it myself then sanded it down further for smoothness until I finally got the ideal painting surface that I prefer, the

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"Portrait of a young man with a beard" 8×10 oil on panel

A glimpse into the work process, this is the beginning stage where I established the major values on the face, this way I can judge correctly the rest of the shapes and values, its one way to start a painting

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"July" Impressionist Female figure landscape oil painting

6 x 8 inches Oil on primed panelavailableIn this particular scene I used the figure as an integrated part of the landscape, shapes merging in and out, colors reflecting each other, the warm light of July enveloping all forms, shadows

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"The Green room" 6x8inch Female Nude Oil painting Interior

6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas on panel This painting will be on a 10 Day Auction that starts 9pm Pacific time.sold

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