“Antique cup with a white rose” 6×6 oil on canvas

Second still life from the same day, this one’s gotta more rustic feel to it and similar chroma, painted under cool light – meaning cold light. The 7 day auction for this small painting has started. 6×6 oil on canvas

orange still life

“Peeled orange” 6×6 still life oil on canvas

Color, light/dark and textures, this is the latest still life, I’m starting a new series of these kind of paintings, I’ll be using various objects that peek my interest, under different light conditions… 6×6 oil on canvas click here to

pure innocence

“Innocence” female nude figure oil on canvas

The purity of youth, unspoiled personal universe, a cocoon that’s still under protection from outside forces. 6×6 oil on canvas click here to view the auction