“405 N/10 W” Los Angeles freeway cityscape oil on canvas

The flow of traffic on the 405 at 6pm, or more like the congestion on the freeway, before the sun starts to come down, capturing the grittyness of the whole scene. 6×6 oil on canvas click here to view the

nude in bed

“In bed” female nude in an interior oil painting

Intimist piece, private space, female body illuminated in the night, slightly covering, no words, just images. 5×7 oil on canvas panel click here to view the auction

sidelit male portrait

Portrait of a young man – sidelit oil painting

Here’s a new portrait sketch that’s fresh off the easel, kept it loose with the brushwork and it also came out as a nice color study, the painting is brighter and has even more color when seen in person. 6×8′